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October 2011: VOLUME 1, ISSUE 9


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Message from the President
Powdermet Takes Hydrogen Storage To The Next Level
Powdermet’s Aluminum Nanoforging Technology In Demand
Powdermet Enters Joint Venture for Lower-cost, Tailorable Nanocomposite Metals Technology
Fifteenth Anniversary Celebration!

Message from the President—Powdermet Technology Takes Off

Powdermet has had an exciting quarter! Our continued focus on building our technical team and operational capabilities to deliver cutting-edge materials solutions to global energy and environmental problems is making a difference.

Within our Energetic materials platform, our high-density liquid hydrogen storage compounds, invented by our own Dr. Mikhail Redko, have been competitively selected by the U.S. Air Force for full demonstration funding in green auxiliary power production. This is a tremendous project in which partners Powdermet, Michigan State University, and Purdue University will demonstrate an organic liquid storage system for hydrogen fuel cells. The system will operate in environments ranging from the arctic to the sub-Sahara desert to provide clean, efficient power in a compact delivery system.

We are also excited by our partnership with the National Science Foundation and several major original equipment manufacturers to produce prototype high-temperature, high-strength aluminum connecting rod forgings from our rare-earth-free nanocomposite aluminum materials (MComP™). These nanoparticle-stabilized aluminum composites provide higher temperature capability, higher strength, and excellent wear resistance compared to conventional aluminum alloys, and hold the potential to replace titanium and steel at lower cost, and with greatly reduced weight to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions in automotive applications.

Also within our nanocomposite metals platform, Powdermet has entered into a Joint Venture with the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Eck Industries, and a major vehicle manufacturer to explore breakthrough low-cost production methods for light alloy nanocomposites via ultrasonic-enhanced casting techniques. If successful, this collaboration will reduce the manufacturing cost of these high-temperature, high-strength aluminum composites by a factor of three to five over our current powder metallurgy routes. This will enable the fuel economy and logistical benefits of engineered light metals to be realized in larger-scale applications.

Our employees and partners are still experiencing the excitement vibrating from celebrating the Company’s 15-year anniversary in the nanocomposite particle and engineered metals business! Powdermet is a powerful place to be right now and we are hiring!

If you would like to discuss any of the above advancing technologies, you can see Powdermet at the 2011 MS&T, where four of our engineers will be presenting our cutting-edge nanotechnologies. Also see us this year’s NanoTechnology for Defense conference, booth #305, or feel free to contact myself or Brian Doud, General Manager, Powdermet, Inc. directly.

Andrew J. Sherman

Powdermet Takes Hydrogen Storage To The Next Level

Hydrogen Storage in a Liquid

Powdermet has entered into a multiyear collaboration with Michigan State University (MSU), Purdue University, and the United States Air Force to further mature Powdermet’s reversible composite organic liquid hydrogen storage technology. This project is part of the company’s EnComP™ line of composites for energy product platform, and the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainable green energy technologies.

In previous work with MSU, Powdermet and MSU scientists established and validated IP on certain compositions and synthesis routes to produce composite organic liquids with high, reversible, hydrogen storage contents. Hydrogenation of these composite liquids over ruthenium catalyst was demonstrated to result in perhydro derivatives that satisfied DOE and Air Force goals for hydrogen content >-20°C freezing point, high boiling point, non-flammability, and low toxicity in a liquid hydrogen storage material.

The hydrogen storage material can be used to supply hydrogen to fuel cells for green energy supply to mobile or semi-mobile military installations on battlefields or forward bases. In addition, they can serve the same purposes in similar devices for private sector – for example, for backup power supplies, fuel cell batteries, and potentially as a hydrogen source for vehicles.

In the collaboration MSU will provide characterization, Powdermet will manufacture and tailor the composite liquids, and Purdue scientists are developing and verifying operation of a prototype fuel-cell compatible H2 delivery module utilizing the perhydro derivatives.

Powdermet’s Aluminum Nanoforging Technology In Demand


In collaboration with Case Western Reserve University, Powdermet is demonstrating the compatibility of the company’s MComP™ meso/nanostructured high-temperature aluminum composite materials with forging production methods for automotive connecting rod, wheel, and braking applications with National Science Foundation sponsorship.

MComP™ microcomposite alloys are rare-earth-free, nanoparticle-stabilized high-temperature and high-strength light metal alloys that are engineered at the nano- and meso-scale for both strength and toughness. The goal of this most recent collaboration is to clearly demonstrate that it is possible to achieve adequate ductility without sacrificing strength in nanocrystalline alloys by controlling structure at the meso-scale, and to do this practically through the application of direct powder forging technology applied to Powdermet’s nanocomposite powder precursors. Once commercially developed, these engineered materials will provide a higher strength-to-weight ratio at intermediate temperatures, reducing weight and cost (compared to titanium alternatives) in transportation and aerospace applications. Reducing weight leads to improved fuel economy and reduced emissions in transportation systems, helping meet future CAFE standards. Other potential markets for this low-density, high-strength, high hardness alloy include military armored vehicles, sporting equipment, and computer housings.

Contact Brian Doud, General Manager for more information on this exciting project.

Powdermet Enters Joint Venture for Lower-cost, Tailorable Nanocomposite Metals Technology

UWC Logo

Powdermet has entered into a joint venture agreement with the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Eck Industries, and the world’s largest manufacturer of military light duty vehicles to further develop low-cost, cast ultra-high performance lightweight Al and Mg nanocomposites.

The goal is to verify and demonstrate scalable production of a commercial-scale method for thoroughly mixing and dispersing engineered nanoparticles in molten metals to enable the manufacture of large and complex metal castings with greatly enhanced performance characteristics.

Powdermet’s role, IP and contribution centers on the production and surface modification (dispersion) of engineered nanoparticles compatible with molten aluminum alloys that provide cost-effective strengthening and grain refinement, while the University of Wisconsin is perfecting ultrasonic dispersion technology which is being commercialized by Eck industries for the casting of high-strength aluminum alloys used in military and commercial vehicles. Powdermet’s nanoparticle technologies enable both nanoparticle reinforcement for improved strength, as well as nanoparticle-enhanced grain refinement of casting materials.

Similar Powdermet technology is currently being commercialized by sister company MesoCoat, Inc under its CermaClad™ weld overlays for the production of fine-grained overlays applied to oil and gas pipelines. In this application, the nanoparticle-refined alloys have been show to provide six times the corrosion resistance of equivalent cast/weld overlay compositions with less than 1% nanoparticle additions.

Contact Brian Doud, General Manager for more information.

Fifteenth Anniversary Celebration!

Powdermet Employees

On August 19, Powdermet celebrated its 15th anniversary with an employee picnic and rib cook-off. Andrew Sherman, company founder and President/CEO of Powdermet, congratulated everyone for the success they had achieved through their hard work and dedication. “We have achieved commercial success because everyone has worked as a team focused on the same goal,” he said. “That’s why I’m confident that the next 15 years will be even better than the first.”

The Mayor of the city of Euclid, Bill Cervanik, also congratulated the Powdermet employees. “You have created a viable advanced technology manufacturing company,” he said. “We all know that our country needs manufacturing, and your success will encourage others to follow in your footsteps.” He also congratulated Andrew Sherman. “Andrew has worked tirelessly for many years to achieve this dream, and the city of Euclid is proud that you chose our city as your headquarters.”

Who we are...

The core of Powdermet technology is a hierarchically structured nanocomposites building block platform.

Powdermet’s technology is based on the design and production of engineered particle building blocks that incorporate nano-, micro-, and meso-scale structural features engineered into safe, free flowing particle delivery system.

What we do...

These engineered particles incorporate metals, ceramics, and polymers with compositions and phase distributions engineered and controlled on three length scales simultaneously.

How we do it...

Using advanced powder metallurgy and polymer fabrication techniques, these engineered building blocks are turned into components with exceptional levels of performance and value, solving some of the toughest materials challenges.

Core technical competencies...

Powdermet’s core technical competencies include particle size reduction and agglomeration, spray drying, mechanical alloying, fluidized bed processing, particle encapsulation, chemical vapor deposition, and much more! To see more of what we can do, visit our website at

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